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Our 2022 Scholarship Recipients!


--> CONGRATULATIONS to Olivia and Ryan! <--

The Hopkinton Garden Club is pleased to have selected Olivia Sward and Ryan D’Alleva as the 2022 Hopkinton Garden Club Scholarship recipients.

Olivia and Ryan were awarded the scholarship at the Hopkinton High School Awards Ceremony in June. Olivia will be attending University of California, Berkeley and Ryan will be attending University of Vermont in the fall, both with plans to pursue degrees in Environmental Studies.

"It was thrilling to have such high caliber students apply for this year's scholarship and to see their passion and interest in the environment really come through in their personal essays. We wish Olivia and Ryan the best of luck this fall and can't wait to see what they do next," said Elaine Gowdy, Chair of the Hopkinton Garden Club Scholarship Committee.

Funding for the scholarships is made possible through the Spring Plant Sale, with generous donors, and enthusiastic customers. The Garden Club will be accepting scholarship applications again next spring.

June Floral Arrangements for Vets Breakfast


Beautiful floral arrangements for our treasured veterans.


Each month, September through June, club members create floral arrangements to decorate the tables at the Senior Center for their Veteran's breakfast. 

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Thank you 2022 "Help Hopkinton Bloom" Sponsors!

We are so grateful to our town beautification sponsors for their support Because of these dedicated organizations, we were able to provide welcoming blooms to our public spaces this year. 


Please join us in supporting our sponsors and recognizing their contribution to our community!



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Garden Talk
It's Time for a  Vegetable Garden!

Do you hear loud noises coming from your veggie garden? Maybe some on your plants aren't getting along. Read on to see the plants that like to hang around with each other in your garden!

Tomatoes Hate Cucumbers: Secrets of Companion Planting and Popular Planting Combinations

Image and article courtesy of

Vegetable Planting Chart

Wondering when to start planting, or when you can plant more of the same veggie? Use this handy chart from UMass Amherst for guidance.

spotted bee balm.JPG
Spotted Beebalm

Monarda punctata, called spotted beebalm or horsemint, has a remarkably distinctive inflorescence, with large white-pink bracts (modified leaves) that encircle its whorls of tubular flowers. These flowers, typically pale yellow with maroon dots, are an excellent source of nectar and pollen for a wide range of insects. Unlike many other species of Monarda, spotted beebalm does best in dry, sandy, soils with plenty of sun. It is generally a short-lived perennial, but will happily seed itself around in favorable conditions.

Native Plants!

Native plants in home gardens are essential for providing pollinators safe habitat in which they can thrive.

Climate change, overbuilding, invasive species and other factors have destroyed large areas previously home to our insect and bird populations. With so much land being "chopped up", putting native plants in your garden will add to those from your neighbors’ gardens creating larger spaces for pollinators to call home.

Pollinators, who work hard to maintain the ecological systems we depend on (like food growth!), need your help!

Here are links to articles, webinars and websites with information on native plants and why they're so important to pollinators, and to us.




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Be on the Lookout For....

The Spotted Lanternfly Arrives in Massachusetts!!

September 29, 2021

The MA Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) announced on 9/28/21 that a small, established, and breeding population of the invasive spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) was detected in Worcester County, in the city of Fitchburg. This finding was confirmed by state officials.

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