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About Us


Our Mission

The Hopkinton Garden Club strives to promote and teach gardening, horticulture, and floral design; to develop and encourage community spirit through town beautification; and to assist, promote, and contribute to town conservation efforts.

Our Board 
  • Co-Presidents: Kathy Hinds, Ann Hussey Hogaboom

  • Co-Vice Presidents: Sarah Kiepper, Kris MacPherson

  • Treasurer: Ruth Gorman

  • Secretaries: Sue Hadley, Leslie Skrzypczak

  • Members at Large: Martin Bayes, Pam Campagna, Ann Clark, Judy Caplan

Our Beginnings

Our club was organized in 1924 and Federated in 1945.

Hopkinton Select Board

We were honored with a proclamation by Hopkinton's Select Board recognizing the "Significant contribution the club makes to the Town in their endeavor to beautify the downtown area". We take great pride in knowing our efforts are appreciated and supported by the town and its residents.

Select Board Award.JPG
Continuing Civic Projects Award

The Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts awarded the Hopkinton Garden Club the 2020 Continuing Civic Projects Award, Medium Club, for continual maintenance of one or more civic projects..


The Federation recognizes the club’s accomplishments in ongoing Hopkinton beautification efforts at the “Welcome to Hopkinton” sign, George V. Brown statue, Doughboy Memorial statue, Hayden Rowe and Grove St traffic island, Main Street Cemetery border, as well as nineteen planters in the downtown area.


We thank our local business supporters for their generous financial support; the Hopkinton Department of Public Works for their assistance with the club’s beautification efforts; as well as our own member volunteers who plan, plant and maintain the sites.

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