Vegetable Gardening


When thinning seedlings, don't pluck the extras out of the growing medium. It disturbs the young roots of the seedling that you hope to transplant.  Instead snip the extra seedling to the soil level. 

Avoiding Tomato Blight in 2010

The home gardener cannot get the systemic fungicides available to the commercial growers.  Topical fungicides only work to suppress the disease, not cure it.  But you can do a lot to slow and reduce the appearance of the fungus on your plants. 

·         Prune your tomato plants early and trim off the suckers regularly, get the plants off the ground

·         Don’t water from above

·         Water in the morning only

·         Don’t handle the plants when they are wet

·         Weekly, thorough application of topical fungicide sprays can help keep the fungus at bay but will not destroy the fungus.

Here is a link to an excellent article from Fine Gardening Magazine on pruning your tomatoes to keep them healthy.