George V. Brown Statue Plantings Renovated 

This summer garden club members took on the task of completely renovating the plantings at the George V. Brown statue. 

A design was created and presented to Parks and Rec for approval, the e
xisting plants removed, the soil amended and tilled, and 
new plants installed. Plantings were chosen to gi
ve more structure to the site while keeping a natural look to complement the Town Common. A path was also added to allow the public to approach the statue for picture
s - a frequent occurrence on Marathon Day!

We wa
nt to thank Parks and Rec for their enthusiastic supp
and for taking care of other details to mak
e this project a success. Also, a thank you to the Highway Department for mulching the site - a nice finishing touch.

While our hot summer weather has proven to be a challenge for some of the new plants, we will continue to work with the site to keep it looking it's best.

Hopkinton's Gateway Green Project!

Congratulations to all who worked to make the Gateway Green Project a reality. It provides much appreciated beauty to one of our town's main entry points increasing Hopkinton's visibility as a "green" community - a great place to live and work. Nicely done!!

Thank you to our "Help Hopkinton Bloom" Sponsors!

We want to express our appreciation to the local businesses who generously donated to our "Help Hopkinton Bloom" site sponsorship drive. With their help we will be able to refurbish older planted areas, gradually replace our aging planters and generally enhance our town plantings.

Please join us in supporting our sponsors and recognizing their contribution to our community:
  • Phipps Insurance Agency
  • Scott's Landscaping, Inc.
  • McCarthy Pools, Corp.
  • Middlesex Saving Bank
  • Hopkinton Sunoco
  • Hopkinton Jewelers
  • Olde Thyme Cupboard
  • Sunnyside Gardens
  • Thomson Architects
  • Yogurt Beach
Opportunities are still available to sponsor one of our club's planters or sites. We would welcome your participation in our program! If you are interested, please email us at

Join Us!

Do you like flowers? Landscapes? Meeting new friends? How about contributing to your town? The Hopkinton Garden Club offers all this and more! Club members offer a variety of gardening interests and experience. Some like to get their hands dirty, others prefer floral arranging or garden design. Whatever the preference, we are always learning! Everyone donates time and energy to plant and maintain Hopkinton's public spaces several times a year. 

We'd love to have you join us! See our membership page for information.

Check out this website to attract birds to your garden

Many thanks to a website visitor for recommending this useful resource from the National Audubon Society. Just enter your zip code to view a list of bird friendly native plants for your area. Search results can be refined by plant type or bird species.

Our Speaker Series Starts October 19th!

"Confessions of a Seed Snatcher" 

with MariePatrice Masse, M.Ed. 

A timely and exciting presentation on saving seeds, Confessions of a Seed Snatcher is a journey of discovery into the world of seed gathering. There is something for everyone in this humorous and insightful program. From seed biology to seed politics, from seed quirkiness to seed adaptability. Learn how to save seeds from many of your favorite garden friends, as you enjoy entertaining stories of “finding” seeds in unusual places.

 This program includes a hands-on component where you can “gather seeds” from a large collection of flower heads, seed stalks, pods for your own planting or to start a local seed library. Your awareness and appreciation of seeds is guaranteed to grow. Visit “The Seed Snatcher” on FaceBook - post your questions and check out the great photos! 

Seed - The Untold Story

Thought provoking trailer to a movie about the importance of saving our seeds: